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December 14, 2015

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December 14, 2015

Best Organizational Apps

December 14, 2015
Ryan Walsh

There’s nothing worse than missing a big meeting or forgetting your grocery list at home. I’ve found that the best way to keep myself organized is by using my phone. I’m always on it, so why not put it to some good use! Here are some of my favorite mobile phone apps that keep my life together.

This isn’t your ordinary to-do list. You can super-organize all of your lists so they’re easily accessible. But my favorite thing about is the sharing abilities. You can sync your lists with all of your devices and share them with other people! It takes tasking to a whole new level.

Dragon Dictation

You won’t believe how many times I forget to write an email or make a list and end up forgetting about it or trying to get it done on the go. Dragon Dictation lets you speak to the phone as it writes down exactly what you’re saying. It’s so easy to make a quick list when I’m on my way to a meeting and don’t have time to write it all down.


Superman! This is literally my second brain. It does everything for me! From notifying me on when to leave for meetings to automatically scheduling events in my email, EasilyDo does everything I need to keep my life organized. I never have to worry about missing another meeting again!


I love apps that work with other apps on my phone. With IFTTT, you can set “if, then” statements so that if something happens on your phone, IFTTT will trigger something else to happen. For example, if your sleep app registers a night of poor sleep, then your calendar will remind you to go to sleep early the next night. Program this reaction in IFTTT and you’ll always be on top of your sleep.


There are so many programs that allow you to block distractions while you’re doing work on technology. But RescueTime lets you go back and look at how much time you spent doing what. You can keep track of how you’re using your devices. It totally helps me stay on track!

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