3 Books To Get You Ready For The New Year

January 4, 2016

In the sprit of “New Year: New You,” I thought I’d offer up a few of my favorite reads that always get me in a good mood for the new year. All of these will inspire you to be the best you can be in 2016! Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein   If your New Year resolutions include minimizing stress or creating a more balanced …

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Top News Aggregator Mobile Apps

December 21, 2015

These days almost everyone gets their news from the internet. Whether it’s Facebook, email or phone apps, it seems like news outlets are using anything except the newspaper to deliver news. Lucky for us, the world’s tech-savvy minds have come together and brought us news aggregator apps that will send a news recap and deliver only the news that you ask for. Here are some …

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Beach Bag Reads

June 15, 2015

Summer beach reads encompass the perfect mix of page-turner excitement and strong, engaging characters. With your feet deep in the sand, plan to devour these five summer books! Primates of Park Avenue, Wednesday Martin A guilty pleasure at its best, this memoir unveils the jungle-like culture of the wealthy Upper East Side. Wednesday uses her studies in anthropology to make sense of mothers’ domination, social …

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What I’m Reading Now . . .

February 6, 2015

I always start a new year revisiting books from the previous year that were really helpful for me. Last year I had about a dozen friends publish books. They were busy! Here’s what’s on my nightstand now. May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein: As you know, I’m a lover of all things Gabby. Her book And More Ing to Your Life totally changed mine. Gabby …

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Worthy of Your Coffee Table

October 5, 2014

In the midst of my recent office renovation, I rediscovered an artist’s gift. Brian Donnelly (or KAWS, as he’s known) gave me his book after a meeting regarding his exhibition at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PafA) a few years ago. It’s definitely a treasured gift, as I’m a huge fan. I’m actually a fan of pop art in general (Warhol, Lichtenstein), and KAWS and …

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