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December 16, 2015

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December 16, 2015

Dining In: Favorite Food Subscription Services

December 16, 2015
Home Chef

First it was makeup, then clothing and now dinner. You can pretty much sign up for a subscription to anything now. And lets be honest, how many of us struggle getting to the grocery store and cooking a full dinner after a long day at work? ME! The idea is revolutionary; sign up and receive entire meals every week! It’s the convenience of fast food and the health of a home cooked meal. Here are some of my favorites.


This one is great because it caters to everyone. Whether you’re single, a vegetarian or a big family. The prices range from $8 – $10, depending on what and how much you order. Each box includes a recipe and ingredients. All you have to do is put them together!

Home Chef

This one is definitely unique from the other services. Home Chef is super interested in your personal cooking preferences. You create a complete profile that tells them what you like, don’t like, ingredients you’re trying to avoid, and even if you want a low-calorie or low-carb diet. The prices are pretty specific to the number of people you’re serving and meals you want per week, but two meals a week for two people is about $50.

Blue Apron

This service is great if you have a big family. It’s about $140 for four family-sized meals per week, which is amazing when you think about how much you’re actually spending per dinner. Once again, super personalized and healthy ingredients.

Door To Door Organics

If you’re an organic maniac, Door To Door Organics is the service for you! They have four different box sizes and the options are unlimited. Instead of ordering full recipes, you can pick and choose which organic ingredients you want. The website is full of delicious recipes that you can use as reference when purchasing your ingredients.

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