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February 6, 2015

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February 6, 2015

What I’m Reading Now . . .

February 6, 2015
Photos By Ryan Walsh

I always start a new year revisiting books from the previous year that were really helpful for me. Last year I had about a dozen friends publish books. They were busy! Here’s what’s on my nightstand now.

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein: As you know, I’m a lover of all things Gabby. Her book And More Ing to Your Life totally changed mine. Gabby gives you practical tools and advice for dealing with the everyday things in life—from having tough conversations to interacting with your significant other. I swear sometimes I think, What would Gabby say about this?

I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones: I’ve known Alexis for years, and I’ve watched her journey with I Am That Girl. She’s so passionate about making sure every girl knows who she is and knows what she’s capable of. Even though I suggest giving this book as a gift to a teenage girl, definitely read it first. It’s empowering and really does make you feel like you can conquer the world.

Get Big Fast and Do More Good by Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish: Boy, is this a fun read! If you want to be inspired by two entrepreneurs who started with a dream and created a beauty empire, this is the one for you. What I love most is that Ido and Lance are truly dedicated to making the world a better place, and you can see that in all of their ventures. Ido is a great friend, and I admire all of the beautiful brands he’s built (Yes To, Yoobi, and Cheeky). And I’m sure you’ll see his products all over this blog. You won’t regret this read.

Lessons In Love from a Course in Miracles by Brad Oliphant: If you read any of Gabby Bernstein’s books, you’ll see that she references A Course In Miracles as her main spiritual text. It’s a pretty heavy read for the average person, so I’m grateful for Brad’s enlightening interpretation. His photographs are stunning, and the quotes he uses are thoughtful and engaging. Even if you take five minutes each day for reflection and use this book as a guide, I’m sure it will make your day better.



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