Ivanka Trump Blog: 3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand

January 11, 2016

Your brand statement not only says what you do, it also says what you’re passionate about. For example, I’m passionate about pop culture—everything I’ve done in my career comes from that passion. By saying that, I don’t limit myself to doing one thing (running a marketing company). Instead, I’m able to translate my passion into many seemingly unrelated things, like writing my best-selling young adult …

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How To Make Your Dreams Reality

October 21, 2015

A few years ago, I took a class on visions to strategy (yes, even seasoned CEOs still need help!). It reminded me that we all have tons of great ideas, but it’s not that easy to make our dreams reality. So how can you take the journey from dream to reality? It’s as easy as five simple steps. 1. Know your vision. You must always …

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How To Build The Ultimate Support Network

October 2, 2015

1. Join local social clubs. It’s important to build your personal network, and joining social clubs is a great way. Not only will you be exposed to great events, you’ll also meet potential clients, employees, and friends. Check out clubs like the Union League for “Young Friends” memberships, as well as the Young Friends clubs at your local museums, orchestra, and ballet. 2. Join associations. …

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The Impossible Trifecta

July 27, 2015

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to believe that the sky is the limit. After all, we start and develop businesses based on the idealistic belief that we can actually create change in the world. That belief drives us to focus on what we can do with our skills, resources, and ideas. But, after almost two decades as founder and CEO of my own business, …

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