OSEA – The Best Thing I’ve Done For My Skin In Years

March 10, 2015

I usually switch up my skincare routine every season. I have combination skin, and each season brings its unique set of challenges. That all changed the first time I was introduced to Osea skincare products. I was in Eden, UT at a work retreat and was having a facial during some downtime. I loved the smell of the products and left with samples to try …

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The Secret to the Glow

February 12, 2015

Here are my top 5 beauty products that I can’t live without! Staying moisturized in the winter is a challenge, but here are my fabulous helpers! OSEA Ocean Cleanser– Hands down, this is my favorite cleanser ever. It’s gentle and perfect for my combination skin. I also have a 1 oz travel size that fits into all of my carry-ons! Perfect for a quick cleanse! …

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Why You Need a Palette

February 9, 2015

These days, my life is totally built around logistics. I tend to pack everything in carry-ons—even for trips lasting two weeks. So my must-have makeup product is a palette. My favorite is the MAC palette pictured here. The colors go perfectly from day to night, and I literally use one brush to apply everything. If I want to mix it up, I use my Dior …

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If You’re Flying Soon, Make Sure You Pack These Essentials…

February 8, 2015

Beyond my love of essential oils, I also travel with these two must-haves: 1. Thieves Essential Oil Spray: This spray smells great and protects me from germs in flight. The added bonus of getting rid of odors is a major plus! 2. Colloidal Silver: I swear by this for colds, viruses, and any “icky” feeling I might have. I spend four to five months outside of …

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The Six Must-Haves in My Travel Bag

February 4, 2015

I’ve been known to pack for two weeks in a carry-on and carry all my beauty essentials in a one-quart bag. I’ve made this work because I swear by these six essential oils. The multiple uses make them the MVPs of my travel bag! OnGuard: Not only does this offer immune support, it also smells amazing, doubling as an evening scent (it definitely came in handy …

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