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December 21, 2015

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December 21, 2015

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December 21, 2015
Digital Trends

These days almost everyone gets their news from the internet. Whether it’s Facebook, email or phone apps, it seems like news outlets are using anything except the newspaper to deliver news. Lucky for us, the world’s tech-savvy minds have come together and brought us news aggregator apps that will send a news recap and deliver only the news that you ask for. Here are some of my favorites!

LinkedIn Pulse

Save, read and share news articles with LinkedIn’s Pulse. The app sends you notifications on top news stories and you can modify the type of news you receive. You can also see what other people are reading and share your favorites with your connections!

Yahoo! News Digest

Twice a day I get a notification from Yahoo! News Digest with the top stories so far in the day. The app summarizes the story for you and provides multiple visual elements, such as video and maps. It’s is a great way to improve your news consumption because it tracks how much news you read each day.


If you’re more about the latest runway trends or life-changing destinations, Bloglovin’ is the app for you! You can get all of your favorite blogs in one place, and receive notifications about new posts. My favorite thing about Bloglovin’ is how easy it is to find new blogs to follow. The explore feature is so fun — I could scroll for hours!


I love reading the Huffington Post every day, and with the app I can tailor my news report to show me exactly the topics I want to see. They have everything from international politics to New York Fashion Week. Also, if you love getting into the conversation, the app’s easy sharing and commenting is just what you need!

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